Helping You Move Into The Future

Did you get married expecting to get a divorce? Of course not. No one envisions their love affair turning sour and their plans for the future going up in smoke. But when you realize that you and your spouse or partner are no longer compatible — months, years or decades later — it's important you make smart decisions to move forward into your new future with the financial support and confidence you deserve.

At Lopez, Severt & Pratt Co., L.P.A., our family law attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience helping people just like you navigate the potentially treacherous waters of divorce and dissolution. When your future happiness is on the line, you can rest easy knowing that our dedicated, compassionate lawyers will help you protect your interests and move forward comfortably.

"Thank you for your acts of kindness and compassion for my family. You went above and beyond to help us out in our time of need. I would highly recommend this law firm for anyone's future needs."

Family Law Client

We Will Answer Your Questions

It's natural to have a thousand questions when you are getting a divorce. Our experienced attorneys will take the time to fully investigate your situation, gather all the necessary evidence and documentation and take the time to answer all of your questions. Some of the more common questions we answer for clients include:

  • What are the grounds for divorce in Ohio? Couples can seek a divorce on either fault or no-fault grounds. No-fault divorce, which is technically called a dissolution, requires the spouses to remain physically separated for at least one year. The grounds for an at-fault divorce include adultery, extreme cruelty and habitual drunkenness. If you are concerned about child custody, property division or spousal support issues, you might consider using fault grounds to gain an advantage.
  • Where will I live? Ohio is an equitable division state, which means that, absent agreement of the parties, a judge will divide property in a way that he or she believes is fair — which may not necessarily be equal. Our attorneys will help you develop a plan to make sure you are able to live in a place that suits your needs and matches the lifestyle to which you were accustomed.
  • Who gets the kids? Judges typically start with the presumption that the children should continue to have contact with both parents following a divorce. The exact nature of the custody arrangement, however, will be determined based on the best interests of the children standard.
  • Will I have to pay alimony? The court may grant either spouse alimony based on the length of the marriage, the spouse's respective incomes and earning potential, and the standard of living established during the marriage. If you believe your earning capacity has been diminished or lost due to your marriage, we can help get you the financial support you need.
  • Do I really need a divorce lawyer? In our opinion, yes, you absolutely need a divorce lawyer. Whether your divorce is amicable or contentious, it is always wise to have professional counsel on your side to ensure you are getting what you deserve — and not giving up more than you need to. It's particularly useful to have an attorney on your side when issues of child custody and support are present.

Your Needs Come First

We put your needs first and will do whatever we can to get you through your divorce as smoothly as possible. During such a highly emotional time, it's important to have a lawyer on your side who listens to your concerns, understands your needs and acts on those concerns and needs in a manner that's focused on your best interests.

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