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When spouses divorce in Ohio, their property is supposed to be divided "equitably" between the parties. But how can you be sure that what you're getting — and giving up — is actually fair and equitable? Has your spouse been hiding or wasting assets? Is the house really subject to division, even though its purchase was made possible by down payment money you provided out of premarital income?

At the Troy, Ohio, law firm of Lopez, Severt & Pratt Co., L.P.A., our family law attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience helping clients make sure they get their fair share of property in a divorce. We understand how the system works, how to uncover undisclosed assets and how to make sure you're not giving up more than you need to. Our number one priority is your well-being, and we can help you make sure you're not taken advantage of in your divorce.

What Property Is Subject To Division?

Even if you and your spouse have come to a tentative agreement on who gets what, it's important to understand how property is divided in an Ohio divorce. It's also important to understand that you and your spouse are getting divorced for a reason — and that what they've positioned as being a fair split of the property may not in fact be fair to you.

Our compassionate, dedicated family law attorneys will help you through this difficult, stressful time and take steps to ensure your rights are protected and future made comfortable. We will thoroughly investigate and inventory the property of your marriage, and answer all of your questions, including:

  • What is the standard for dividing property in Ohio?
  • What is the difference between marital and nonmarital (or separate) property?
  • How will the court divide my property?
  • How will the value of my assets (and my spouse's assets) be valued?
  • Is my professional license or degree subject to division?
  • What happens to my pension retirement accounts?
  • What about my debt? My spouse's debt?

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Lopez, Severt & Pratt Co., L.P.A., can help make sure you don't give away more than you have to — or get less than you deserve — in a divorce. We can help you understand how property and asset division works and prevent mistaken assumptions from negatively impacting your financial future.

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