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Do you need a reason to divorce in Ohio?

As divorce has become more commonplace over time, the laws have reflected society's change in attitude toward this once taboo subject. In short, you do not have to present a specific, valid reason anymore to end your marriage.

However, you still have the option to do so in Ohio. Understanding the different grounds for divorce can help you determine which approach will benefit your case the most. If you are still unsure, speak to a family law attorney for more personalized guidance.

No-fault divorce

No longer wanting to be married is enough reason for getting a divorce. You and your spouse can claim mutual incompatibility if you like, but otherwise, the only requirement for this route is that you two have not lived together for at least a year. The advantage of going with no-fault is you do not have to provide any cause.

Another option you have is a dissolution of your marriage. This differs in that you form a complete divorce agreement first and then present it to the court for approval. This is a quicker way to terminate the marriage but only works if you two are honest and cooperative.

Fault divorce

The other reasons for getting a divorce in Ohio include the following:

  • Absence: Your spouse has been intentionally gone from the home and marriage for a year.
  • Adultery: Your spouse had an affair.
  • Alcoholism: Your spouse is habitually drunk and unable to perform marital duties.
  • Bigamy: Your spouse is already married to someone else.
  • Cruelty: Your spouse caused extreme abuse.
  • Fraud: Your spouse misrepresented himself or herself, or tricked you into the marriage.
  • Imprisonment: Your spouse is in a correctional facility.
  • Neglect: Your spouse failed to fulfill a crucial marital duty, such as supporting the family.
  • Out-of-state procurement: Your spouse obtained a divorce in another state, but you are still legally bound to the marriage.

These all come with the burden of proof. However, proving your spouse is at fault can be beneficial to your child custody and support arrangements.

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