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January 2018 Archives

Can I adopt a child in Ohio?

If you are an Ohio resident who is considering adopting a child, you will be glad to know that the only hard and fast requirement is that you be 18 years old or older. As AdoptUSKids.com explains, however, you will need to go through pre-adoption training and a home study process before you will be allowed to adopt.

Long trucker commutes endanger motorists

Sharing the road with commercial trucks often makes motorists feel uncomfortable, and for many reasons. In addition to their sheer size, which suggests that a car will typically find itself on the losing end of an accident with a truck, truckers sometimes engage in dangerous driving behaviors to meet the demands of the job.

What is a RICO violation?

 If you are an Ohio resident facing charges of having committed a RICO crime, you may well be at a loss as to what RICO is and what types of alleged criminal activity it applies to. Per the Offices of the United States Attorneys, RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, the federal statute passed by Congress in 1970 in order to seek out and eradicate organized crime such as those perpetrated by the Mafia.

What defendants should know about plea bargains

For Ohio residents facing a criminal prosecution, a plea bargain may be a simple, inexpensive and relatively stress-free way to avoid having to go to trial and facing possible conviction by a jury. However, as FindLaw points out, before entering into a plea bargain, criminal defendants should discuss this option in detail with their attorneys and understand exactly what it entails. The consequences could impact them for many years to come.

Can an online prank send me to jail?

When you get online, it can be easy to forget that your interactions with others involve real people. This is especially true when the atmosphere is contentious or emotionally charged, such as a political discussion or a computer game involving multiple players. While it is unlikely that you and other Ohio residents might take an online dispute to the next level, the chance exists that your actions online might be construed as criminal activity.

Traumatic brain injury: know the signs

Even when Ohio drivers approach the road defensively while paying careful attention to the highway and to other motorists, collisions still happen. The jolting crash of metal against metal catches individuals off guard, jarring them at unnatural angles that break bones and strain soft tissues. Attorneys at Lopez, Severt & Pratt Co., L.P.A. have assisted numerous car accident victims in navigating the process of settling claims related to collisions.

Weather appears to be a factor in recent OH Turnpike crashes

As most people in northern states are aware, winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year to drive. This is particularly true in Ohio, where freezing temperatures and devastating snow or ice storms combine with heavy traffic and slippery road conditions. Not surprisingly, the results can be deadly.

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