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Things to think about while the divorce process is ongoing

Many people who file for divorce tend to think in terms of after the divorce. That is, one spouse may want the house, joint custody, use of one of the cars and perhaps spousal support for a few years. However, it is important to think in the short term as well. A lawyer can help you figure out what you need to stay afloat while the divorce is pending and what would be fair and reasonable to ask for. In fact, if you have been putting off filing for divorce because you are worried about how to support yourself in the short term, temporary orders may be able to help.

Long trucker commutes endanger motorists

Sharing the road with commercial trucks often makes motorists feel uncomfortable, and for many reasons. In addition to their sheer size, which suggests that a car will typically find itself on the losing end of an accident with a truck, truckers sometimes engage in dangerous driving behaviors to meet the demands of the job.

How college can factor into a divorce (or marriage) decision

If you are considering divorce and have a child due to enroll in college in the next couple of years, it may be best to move forward with the divorce plans sooner rather than later. On the other hand, if you are thinking about marrying (or remarrying), then it could make financial sense to wait.

3 costly mistakes to avoid after a car accident

Getting into a car accident is a scary thought. While you might not want to think about the possibility, it is crucial to prepare in case one does occur. During the aftermath of a collision, you will likely feel stressed and confused. It is easy to make some mistakes in the heat of the moment. Unfortunately, these mistakes can affect how much compensation you receive for your vehicle damage or injuries.

3 ways to contest an OVI in Ohio

Regardless of what each state calls it, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal everywhere in the U.S. An OVI in Ohio can result in high fines, jail time, loss of license, ignition interlock devices and mandatory participation in treatment courses.

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