Making Them Accept Responsibility

The passing of a loved one is never easy, but when it occurs because of another person's negligence or recklessness, the process of coping can be especially tough.

The dedicated attorneys at Lopez, Severt & Pratt Co., L.P.A., compassionately represent plaintiffs in wrongful death cases, especially those involving children and the elderly. Our expertly trained professionals will act as your liaison and work to ensure you are compensated appropriately.

What Are Wrongful Death Lawsuits And Claims?

Wrongful death lawsuits and claims are generally filed by a grieving family after a person or company's negligence has caused another's death. Examples of wrongful death cases include:

These types of personal injury cases are never simple and usually require a detail-oriented approach to ensure they are handled appropriately. Thankfully, our team of professionals at Lopez, Severt & Pratt Co., L.P.A., is familiar with the process of filing a wrongful death case, and will proactively look at all the fact to help provide the best possible outcome.

Why Wrongful Death Lawsuits Are Important

Many people wonder why wrongful death cases are important. The truth is that the funds received from this type of settlement are often needed to pay medical bills, final expenses and assist with everyday living costs of the family who has lost a key financial supporter. For some, the difference between filing and not filing can mean being able to keep their home and way of life or having to make serious decisions like selling a home.

Wrongful death cases aren't always about money, however. Many loved ones opt to pursue a claim to help hold the other party, company or organization accountable for their negligence. This is especially true when it comes to product liability or medical malpractice suits, where the decisions of a single individual or company later become the cause of another's death.

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